Adoption Stories

Occasionally, the adoptive homes let us know how they are doing with their new best friend. Below are some of the updates on Cairns we've placed.

Rescue Information
Adopted July 2006
ColinColin's new family started a blog about him and his Cairn "sister," Tamber

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Sandy, Jon, Shelly, & RockyRocky
Adopted January 2005

Jon & Shelly wrote...

...(Rocky) is such a joy to be around. He has adjusted well to his new home and he and Sandy get along very well. I am sorry it took so long to get you this picture, but it seemed that we could not find the time to get together as a family to get the picture. The kids are not in it because I figured we needed to get you a picture soon and not wait until we all could get together...
Trapper (right), Murphy (left), & Linda (human)Trapper
Adopted December 2003

Here is Trapper (right) with his housemate Murphy (left) and their mom, Linda at Christmas in 2003.

During the winter & spring of 2005, Trapper & Murphy sailed to the Bahamas. The photos of some of their adventures are below.

Trapper swimming in the Bahamas
Trapper in the Bahamas
Trapper & Murphy on the boat
On the boat
Trapper & Murphy on the beach
On the beach
Trapper & Murphy spot land
Land ho!
Watching for squirrels
Home again
Mac Donald & FamilyMac
Adopted December 2001

Chuck wrote...

Mac has done well his first year. He is still a wild-wild-boy, but we love him. Even his sister is finally starting to like him.

Adopted by Janice December 2001

RudiJanice wrote...

Rudi is doing SO well! He owns the family room and kitchen. And, at night, he owns the majority of the king-sized bed. His coat is beautiful. He has stopped scratching. Our vet thinks he is just super! (He still eats the allergy-free dry dog food, plus bananas and baby carrots as treats.) He keeps in shape by barking at and running after the squirrels and chipmunks.

When we're outside, he is on the line in the backyard, running around, barking at squirrels in the top of the huge sycamore tree. He enjoys going nose to nose with our next door Doberman, Zoe (through the fence). They both bark at each other while the tails are wagging furiously!

If I leave the room, he is right behind me (my little shadow). He loves ALL visitors, and immediately brings them the little orange porcupine you sent along with him (his very favorite toy). He will fetch until he just sort of lies down, panting and looking at the thrower as if to say, "that's it -- I think I've amused you long enough." And he still loves being brushed.

When either Abby or I sit down at the piano and start to play, Rudi just comes in, stretches out behind the bench, and goes right to sleep.

I'd say he has made a total and complete adjustment. We were just away overnight to Ocean City, NJ, and my Mom came over to "Rudi-sit". Both of them benefited.

So, I hope that what (the foster parents) began with him, I've continued successfully. It is like he has always lived with us. Rudi is VERY much part of the family. We are so happy to have him with us -- and we're looking forward to MANY more years of his company! Thanks so much for getting Rudi and us together. We are grateful for your willingness NOT to give up on him -- he is such a wonderful little guy and we enjoy his company immensely!

Buddy now called "Boo"
Adopted by Alicyn & Mark - May 2002

Boo BearAlicyn wrote...

7/2002: This weekend we took (Boo) to a cabin on a lake. He was so good. I took him on the float rafts and he would walk from my raft to Mark's. He's happy as long as he's with one of us. He even napped on the raft with me (I kept him cool by pouring water on his back and making sure his feet and belly were wet). We even took him on the kayak once, the lake was really calm and I kept him leashed. He jumped off once and then decided that he didn't want to do that anymore, I did scoop him right out. He's a good little swimmer. There were 9 of us in the cabin house. On Friday night he was very attached to me and a bit anxious, but by Sunday he was totally relaxed and begging from anyone that had a sandwich. They were all under strict no feeding orders but he begs anyway. He's funny if someone tries to play with him and they throw the toy, he only brings it back to me... He loves his mommy best...

Boo on vacation Boo lovin' life

Boo Berry4/2003: 2 weeks ago I bought a 99 Celica convertible, it's so much fun ... I was a bit concerned about how the Boo would enjoy it, I've taken him on two trips in the car and he loves it. He gets harnessed into the back seat. He sits back there and sniffs the air, sometimes he pops up and looks out the back, he has his happy smile face on and he just acts like he's always ridden in one. Tonight we went to watch Mark play soccer so he got the car ride AND a few hours hanging out in the park. what a happy Boo Berry he is now. He walks right up to people and wags at them as if he just expects that they want to pet him. I have to keep his leash fairly short or he'll pester people for scratches. He likes just about everyone he meets.

Adopted by Linda - June 2002
Wilbur's Family - Linda and EstelleLinda wrote...

Wilbur's adjustment is even better than I could have imagined. He is totally "our boy." It feels like he's been with us for a long time. Today I left him to roam freely in the house. He has earned it! The woman who groomed him had glowing remarks about his demeanor and sweetness. She couldn't understand why anyone would give him up. I told her it was because he was supposed to be with me. She stripped him entirely. I will take him back next week because she didn't quite finish him. She took him down to his "pajamas." He looks darker and more red. It seems that as well as he did, he started getting agitated after an hour. What a trooper. He looks precious. I can't stop kissing him. Thanks so much for picking us.