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 About Cairn Terrier Rescue

What is Cairn Terrier Rescue? ... How Do I Adopt a Cairn Terrier? ...
... How Much is the Adoption Fee? ...
These questions and more are addressed on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

What You Should Expect from Rescue ... Check out this article in our blog.

Need to surrender your Cairn? ... Know of a Cairn in need of rescue? ...
Report a Cairn in need with our Rescue Report form.

Check out our Featured Cairn as well as our other Cairns for Adoption.

Looking for a puppy? See the Breeder Referral section of our home page.
 Rescue News

We're on Facebook! Check out our PCTC Rescue Fan Page and LIKE us!

We've started a blog! Check out our Rescue Blog.

Looking for something to do with your Cairn that you'll both enjoy? Check out the PCTC Field Trials.

PCTC Rescue is always in need of foster homes! All you need is the desire to save a life, and One Crate and One Hour. Read about one Foster Mom's experience in A Letter From a Foster Home. If you are a PCTC member and wish to apply to be a foster home, please contact one of the Rescue Contacts below. If you are interested in becoming a PCTC member, please see Membership Information.

PCTC Rescue is now accepting donations via check or Google Checkout. Please DONATE HERE to help a Cairn in need!

PCTC Rescue has helped 384 dogs since January 2000. See Available Dogs.

 Rescue Contacts

Need to surrender your Cairn? ... Know of a Cairn in need of rescue? ...
Report a Cairn in need with our Rescue Report form

Please complete a Rescue Report BEFORE contacting one of the Rescue contacts for
Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area only):

Veronica Hudak-Moe
(703) 753-7140

Lois Cleland
(410) 439-0802

For Rescue Contacts in other states, go to the Cairn Terrier Club of America's Rescue Page or contact the national Cairn Rescue organizations below:

Other Breed Rescue Groups:

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 D.C. Metro Area Shelters

When looking for a lost pet, consider calling all D.C. metro area shelters. Animals travel and someone could have picked up your pet and brought it to a shelter far from your home.

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