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Born 1/14/2000

Twister came from a loving family who reluctantly gave him up because they felt they could not dedicate enough time and attention to him. He is very sweet and likes belly rubs and long walks. He tends to be a bit of an escape artist if left unsupervised in a fenced yard. The vet said he needed to lose a pound or two, and he has. He weighs about 19 lbs.

Twister came into rescue with Hook Worms and a Urinary Tract Infection, which may have contributed to some housebreaking issues. He has been dewormed and he took antibiotics for his infection. He was neutered on April 26th. He is heartworm negative and on heatworm preventative.

Although Twister is sweet and eager to please, he would benefit greatly from obedience training. He requires a terrier-experienced home. Twister does his "business" best when he is walked instead of let out into the yard. He will try to escape from a fenced yard if left alone for more than 60 seconds. His foster home has experienced this firsthand. Twister does not like to be picked up and this seems to be a dominance-related issue.

Twister does not urinate in the house as long as he is walked and given a chance to do his business. He has had 1 accident in the house since he was on antibiotics. He behaves like a puppy in the house -- always into everything. He needs to learn house manners and should be treated like a puppy until he does so.

You may fill out an adoption application by clicking the link below. NOTE: You must be a resident of Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, or Washington DC.

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