6½ yrs old

Rocky is a very sweet little boy. He is also an active dog who accompanied his previous owner on his daily runs. He's quiet around the house, but does the standard warning barking when someone is at the door that comes with the typical happy Cairn meaning: "Don't you come in...but now that you's jewelry is over there; dad's golf clubs are in the closet; the good china's in here. Now can I have a goodie?"

Rocky would be great for an active older couple with no children. He loves playing with older children, so a family with children over 10 years would be a good choice, too. He is NOT suited for young children. Although he takes treats very...VERY...gently, Rocky is reportedly food-aggressive; therefore, he is not recommended for those who have young children or grandchildren or who have plans for same.

He is NOT toy aggressive and loves to chase a ball, but hasn't got the hang of returning with it. He really loves chasing a flashlight beam, which is great because he can't catch it to bring it back.

Rocky was raised with 2 female dogs of different breeds and gets along well with the foster family's female Cairn. In general, the previous owner said he likes small dogs, but Rocky is not so keen on larger breeds. Rocky also gets along with cats. He hasn't been tested with the foster family’s male Cairns yet; results will be reported when possible.

Rocky is in excellent health; however, he has some seasonal allergies. He also appears to be allergic to fleas. Both of these allergies are easily treated. When he came into foster care he was severely itchy from the flea allergy probably exacerbated by his seasonal allergies, but he responded well to treatment.

According to the previous owner, Rocky has a sensitive stomach, which they managed with quality food.

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