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Born 2001

Hamish is a healthy, 4-yr-old neutered male who weighs 20 lbs. He is housetrained once he's had plenty of opportunity to relieve himself outside first. However, he must be watched in a new environment. Hamish is crate trained, and good about going into his crate or pen.

He is sweet and affectionate one on one. He loves -- ADORES -- to ride in cars. He loves visitors, and gets very excited to meet people. He does grab hands/fingers, not really aggressively, just overexcited, so he may not be the best for very small children or the elderly (who have thinner skin). The behavior is primarily excitement, and after the initial greeting, he settles down.

You must have a "terrier personality," because Hamish needs to understand that you are in charge. He comes for treats under difficult circumstances; comes freely if nothing else is happening. If he is scoping out the yard for deer or squirrel, he refuses to come. When he does this, you have to follow through and give him a firm "hey" and he understands that he has to listen--however reluctantly. The trainer who boarded and trained him said, "I don't believe he would come to me if he were loose or had escaped." Hamish is high energy and barks at squirrels, deer, the trainer's sheep, etc., which is typical terrier behavior.

Hamish got along with his trainer's dogs (collies), was never in a scrap, but if left unsupervised with them, he exerted his alpha-ness and his terrier personality with the females and harassed the males. The Collies endured him; there was never a fight. However, a less tolerant dog or breed may not be so patient with him. He does vocalize/growl (again typical terrier behavior) which could be misinterpreted by other breeds and those who are unfamiliar with terriers. Hamish has a high prey drive, so he would not do well in a home with cats.

Hamish has had obedience training, but he could use more course work. He knows sit, lie down, come. He walks nicely on lead once you "remind" him not to pull. He understands "wait" when he pulls. Warning: Hamish will bolt through an open door. He must be required to sit at doors, before going in or out, and sit and stay before opening car doors, making sure there is a leash on him before opening any doors; he will bolt if given any opportunity. This is another reason why he may not be a good match for households with children.

You may fill out an adoption application by clicking the link below. NOTE: You must be a resident of Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, or Washington DC.

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