Born November 2003

Skye is a high-energy, wheaten female puppy who needs obedience training and a firm owner to teach her some manners. She is cute and good-hearted, but very pushy with dogs and people. Skye is very affectionate and needs cuddling and brushing. She would appreciate a tolerant dog sibling who wants to play.

Skye is a blonde cutie who learns very quickly. She is currently in the "goat" stage and needs to be monitored closely so that she doesn't chew on things she's not supposed to. Her foster home reports that her latest game is to sit on the back of the sofa and wait for an unsuspecting dog to stroll by; then she launches herself at them in an unstoppable arial "attack." Skye needs a patient, no-nonsense owner, preferably with terrier experience, and a fenced yard.

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