Born 11/1/2001

Jax is a loving, lovable, and disarmingly charming young fellow. Typical of a Cairn terrier his age, he is still very much a puppy: into everything and puts everything in his mouth. He has lots of energy. He still needs lots of training; obedience training will be required. He is very intelligent and wants to please. He has the talent to do well in agility.

Although crate-trained and housebroken, he occasionally has small accidents (submissive urination) when he gets excited to see you (like when you first come home). Itís best not to make a big deal when you first come home until you take him outside and then this should stop happening. He was taken from the litter before he learned not to use his mouth. He has bitten twice and both times were associated with going to the groomer. We suspect he was "mishandled" during his first grooming experience. The foster family has been working with this; he still needs more desensitizing. His foster family's vet and a professional behavioral trainer have both stated that Jax is not a dangerous dog. Jax just needs training and a consistent owner that will enforce the training.

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