Mac Donald
Born 08/24/2000

Mac is an energetic pup. He picked up some bad habits early on and he needed to be retrained to know that he's not the boss. He is extremely smart and has responded well to structure and disciplined training. Mac loves to chase balls and any animal that moves. He is very sweet and affectionate, but needs to be forever reminded that he is not the one to be in charge.

Mac requires an active, terrier-experienced home with a strong alpha human, obedience training, no children (unless they are over 13 and can handle a terrier), and no cats. Another dog in the home would be GREAT because he adores other dogs and could use a playmate: preferably one that is also an alpha and would keep his butt in line (he can be such a pest when he plays). A fenced yard and/or long walks would also be ideal for him because he has a lot of energy to burn.

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